11 Gifs to recap the best of “Bahubali – The beginning”

To those who are yet to see the marvelous wonder of Bahubali – The Conclusion, a walk down the memory lane of Bahubali – The Beginning! through GIFs!

For those who already watched the 1.0, here’s the quick recap to ignite your memory bells! There’s much more than “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali!”


1. Beginning of The beginning – Mahendra Bahubali on Sivagaami’s palm.

2. The famous six pack prabhas darling lifting the Shiva Linga! To save his mother from all the hard work!

3. Prabhas jumping across waterfall for his imaginary Avantika! Any g defying feat for budding love!

4. The bully & villiany entrance of Bhallaladeva! The one not to be taken easy.

5. The yet to be fulfilled promise of Devasena and her daring intro! (Which will be shown in The conclusion of course)

6. Entrance of Mahendra Bahubali in the Mahishmati Kingdom! Kudos to SS.Rajamouli for this powerful entrance. Wah! Wah!

7. The rising of the Golden Statue, both the real bhallaladeva and the golden imaginary statue of Bahubali in the hearts of Mahishmati!

8. Kattappa’s power of devotion to Bahubali & Mahishmati. Goosebumps were guaranteed!

9. Shivagaami’s motherly and daring intro!

10. Who would forget the amazing, heart-pumping, highly technical, exciting scenes of war against Kalakeya!

11. Last but not the least, the scene which imparted the question of all the Bahubali lovers – Why Kattappa killed Bahubali! Now finally answered.


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